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Hey, welcome to! This platform is all about the best ways to develop a happier, healthier, and more balanced lifestyle. Improving physical and mental health is the main focus of everything that you’ll find here. 

Curious about how this website came to be? Then read on…

My Story

I'm curious by nature. But curious in the sense of discovering new ways, new methods. I'll be forever a student and this search for information and knowledge has been fuelling my mind with amazing info from all the places I've been around the world.


It was also curiosity that made me travel abroad, all by myself and at a very young age, in search of new experiences. And "she" also made me start this project!


This curious personality probably comes from my family, who has always given me the basis for a healthier and more active life. My paternal grandmother, with whom I spent most of my life until her 100 years birthday, has always been an example of moderation and food care. She always cultivated her vegetable garden,  was always 100% present during meals and had many habits that I now understand and admire. All of this made her, up to her 90s, climb the orange trees at home to pick the fruits more on the top. And all this wearing a skirt!

Contact with nature has always been highly valued and cultivated by my parents. Both had the privilege of being born in the countryside of Rio Grande do Sul (in the south of Brazil), amid nature, rivers, and animals. My sister and I loved to spend our school holidays, free at our maternal grandma's house, running with the animals, feeding them, enjoying the fresh air. And this is something we still love today!

Minha infância na natureza e com animais
Avós queridas

I could say that talking about food and a healthy lifestyle has always been part of me, but I was definitely not born knowing that the focus of my life would be on the importance of food! I'm curious - did I say that? - and since I was a child I thought about countless professions to follow... I could always see myself doing many different activities. I went from a marine biologist to a journalist, to an architect, to the foreign trade business, to a flight attendant, to a psychologist. And I was going. And never finding me completely. I always knew that I needed something else for myself, something I could find me and that from that I could make a difference in people's lives. 

I started, then, a process of change paying more attention to me, to what makes sense, and what has always interested me and I saw that with my knowledge I could help my family, friends, and everyone who seeks a healthier and more complete life. I did, in fact, open my conscience in a personal and leadership development training, while living in Sydney, and there I realized what was going through my mind, but I had never given real importance.

"In your free time, what do you study, read, and learn about the most? What is the doubt that this is your path to follow?"


And my answer was nutrition / personal development / health. At that moment, I realized and stated that my greatest mission is to help and guide people to find the peak of energy, happiness, and health. At that moment, I found what excited my heart the most and makes it pulse happy and fulfilled!

When I passed through this portal of the unknown (or never explored) into the light, I realized that my thoughts as a child made sense and that the moment I found myself, everything would be complete. Through my food and life decisions, I help to recover the oceans. Sharing information and writing it here, helping to build dreams and new lives, working with people from all over the world and understanding the human being, not only the mind but the being as a whole. In a way, these are all the professions that once crossed my mind a long time ago.


Now it all makes sense. Now everything I have been learning over the years is shared and multiplied.

pai mãe love


Some key factors that are super important to me make up my philosophy. It is not my intention to claim that only my way of thinking is the only one to achieve a healthy lifestyle - we all have our way to make things happen, and there are a lot of right ways! I hope that my philosophy can inspire your life!

#1 First things first, the most important thing (and what I've learned over time) is to be true to yourself in the first place. Pleasing others and feeling that you are not pleasing yourself may not be the best way. Likewise, failing to do what you think is right and best for you out of fear of other people's judgment only limits our growth - believe me, most people are not so interested in others besides themselves.

#2 Regarding food, for me, nothing could be more accurate than Eat Real Food. And with real food, I mean natural ingredients, full of life (and that brings us even more life). It's amazing to see how food can change our mood, energy, and will to live. Food also increases our connection with nature and, even more necessary, awakens a personal conscience and self-love. 🙂 

#3 I do not define me as vegan, vegetarian, or any other name. I believe that when we put a tag on us, we end up limiting ourselves. The best definition for my lifestyle can be named as whole food plant-based - natural food e as much far from processed as possible. What I learn even more is to listen to my body.

#4 I give my best to keep my energy levels always hight! It does not make sense to me, to search for sad situations and for things that may take out energy. I know that's not always rainbow, and we even can't keep a high energy A-L-L the time, but what I know is that we can change our vibrations in a heartbeat. Do you wanna know how I do it? I put some happy music on, dance, watch some comedy. A day without a laugh is a day wasted...

#5 I exercise my body (and soul) as much as possible! I like weight lifting, aerobic, or whatever. In opposition to what may seem, when we exercise we end up with even more energy

#6 I am on this path in search of health and energy (lots of energy!). I think the aesthetic side comes as a bonus, improving our skin, body, and shape. But I don't consider physical beauty to be my main focus. Being well and happy with who we are is the best way to be more beautiful (inside and out).

#7 If there is one thing I believe about in relationships is: We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with. We are all energy and here comes the importance of surrounding ourselves with positive people who add something good for our lives. It is simple, but not easy. Here comes a trick ... raising our energy, we can raise people's average with whom we live. Our good vibes are contagious!


Always share, teach, and learn! Learning new and things and not applying them or not sharing them wouldn't make much sense. 


This space has this purpose: to inform, teach, and learn. Here I share my lifestyle, with a focus on (healthy) food.  I want to inspire you to transform your own choices and your own life.  And I hope that in becoming (more) aware of life and the planet, you will also share this chain of goodness with those you love.

Over the years, even when I had not yet crossed the "portal of self-discovery", I have always studied nutrition, personal development, and the human mind. I had opportunities to study on 4 different continents and I took these experiences hard. Being in institutions in Oceania, Europe, North America, and South America, everywhere I raised and continue to collect knowledge, which today I massify and apply in my professional and personal mission. Today I work with what I love most: guiding people towards a longer, fuller, and healthier life.

  I truly hope that this website helps you to be the best version of yourself. I hope you can use it as a guide and that it offers a bit of support, motivating you to be good to yourself and your surroundings. Always remember: only you can lead your own life. No one else can do it for you. 

It is so amazing to have you here! See you soon. 


With Love,


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